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  squidGuard Mailinglist

General information:

For questions and discussions around squidGuard you can subscribe to the squidGuard mailing list. This list is not identical to the old one, once hosted at TDC Norge. If you have been subscribed there you have no automatic subscription here.

The mailinglist is moderated and thus ensuring that no spam enters the list. This means that postings are held until one of us can check and approve (or reject, if the content is unacceptable - like spam).

Currently the archived mails are only available to subscribers. This may change in future.

Some common rules:
  • We are all human beings. No need to shout or become unfriendly.
  • If more than one identical posting is sent only one will be forwarded to the list.

For subcription information please proceed to the subscription page.

About squidGuard

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