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  History of squidGuard

SquidGuard has orginally been developed by Pål Baltzersen and Lars Erik Håland. The initial squidGuard concept was designed by Pål Baltzersen and was implemented and is maintained and extended by Lars Erik Håland back in 1998 (or earlier) at Tele Danmark InterNordia.

SquidGuard turned out to be very fast and as it was free it soon got a great deal of attention.

Things change as time goes by. After the version 1.2.0 was released in 2001 no further development took place which was deeply regretted by the users. The program was fast and reliable enough that even no improvements were made it still remained quite popular.
Several people made patched and contributions but in the next five years none made it into the original source.

Finally, in somewhen in summer 2006 Tele Danmark InterNordia decided to stop supporting squidGuard entirely; the dns entries for squidguard.org were deleted and many people's faces fell. (Ours, too.)

In december we learned that Pål Baltzersen was looking for a successor for squidGuard. He agreed to give source and domain to us to proceed with squidGuard and its development.
So from our cautious attempts to support bug fixes and improvements to squidGuard it is now our offical task.

Many greetings,

The Shalla squidGuard team.

About squidGuard

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