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  squidGuard - Runtime Options

SquidGuard accept the following options:

-v Setting this option will display the version number.
-d Setting this option will direct all errors to stderr (usually the terminal you started squidGuard from). This is extremely helpful when verifying a fresh installation or for troubleshooting purposes.
-c file This option allows you to specify another configuration file. Use this when testing new configurations before making them active.
-t time This option allows you to set the startup time format to yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS. This is especially interesting if you are testing time acls.
-u file Updating the entire domains and urls files can be quite time consuming. It is much faster to work with .diff files and just include the changes into the db files. Using this option squidGuard will look in the category directories for .diff files and prepare the changes accordingly. The changes will be made active once squid is reconfigured (squid -k reconfigure).
-C file|all Using -C all will create the db files for all configured categories anew. If you only want to update a specific file, you can enter it directly, f.e. -C porn/domains.

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