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SquidGuard Development

Squidguard development is based on many contributions from all over the world. Many thanks to all of you!

To keep track on the development we use the bugzilla software for tracing bugs and enhancements and aegis as development framework for implementing bugfixes and new features.

You can take a look into our bugtracker to spot the status of open and closed bugs and features.

Currently in development:

Version 1.3: beta release Bug fixes and features of 1.3:
  • Corrected an issue with the fix for the double slash vulnerability (incorrectly found double slashes) (bug 1).
  • Fixed broken regex evaluation (bug 12).
  • Fixed a compile problem on some systems (bug 10).
  • Added patch from satish to block urls entries that include hostnames (bug 4).
  • Corrected missing evaluation of configure parameters for logdir, dbhome and config file (bug 11).
  • Added patch by Eric Harrison to enable full sed compliance to rewrite statements (bug 7).
  • Added patch by Marc Clayton to include a progressbar to the build of the database files (bug 6).
  • Corrected include statement in sg.h.in. (bug 16)
  • Modified auth code to work with and without ldap.
  • Included configurable logging: New configure option --nolog to suppress all runtime logmessages. Default behaviour is now to log the non debug messages except when the runtime option -d is supplied to squidGuard. (bug 11)

Planned for version 1.4:
  • Add mysql support for authentication.
  • Add configurable default behaviour in case of error (allow all/deny all).
  • Bug fixes.

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