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  squidGuard Developers

In the past (up to version 1.2.0) the following people contributed to the development. Thank you to:
Gary Lindstrom (gplindstrom (at) exodus.nnc.edu)
Fabrice Prigent (fabrice.prigent (at) univ-tlse1.fr)
Jiri A. Randus (jiri.randus (at) inway.cz)
Joseph Lesko (joe (at) nationnet.com)
Valentin Chopov (valentin (at) valcho.net)
and others.
Since then some more contributions were made which finally were included in the more recent versions. Thank you for not giving up squidGuard:
Chris Frey
Adam Gorski
Alex Harrington
Al Col
Mark Clayton (mark_clayton (at) users.sourceforge.net)
Eric Harrison (eharrison (at) mail.mesd.k12.or.us)
Satish (sat (at) wizicom.com)
Denis Bonnenfant
and many more!
Nowadays the development is coordinated by:
Mirko Lorenz
Christine Kronberg

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