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  squidGuard Contributors and Contributions

Lots of people contributed to squidGuard. Started with the original authors, Pål Baltzersen and Lars Erik Håland, even in the years where it seems that there would be no futher development squidGuard was not given up.
Some addons and corrections have been applied to squidGuard, addons and corrections that are now being included into the main development branch. Many thanks to all contributors.

For version 1.3, a rpm distribution has been provided by ArcosCom Wireless, S.L.L., containing a spanish translation for squidGuard.cgi (this translation will be added to the 1.4 version of squidGuard).

RPM squidguard-1.3-1.ArcosCom.src.rpm
MD5 Hash8cc77ed1a86ecf956bce80739275065b

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